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T/SEHNE is a German menswear brand, founded in 2017 by Thomas Sehne and Stephen Piel. As a Central Saint Martins graduate, Thomas previously worked as a menswear designer at Balenciaga, before launching T/SEHNE together with his longtime companion Stephen Piel, who comes from a background in branding and art direction.

Shaped by a timeless approach to design, T/SEHNE’s aesthetic is defined by a formal simplicity paired with a functional appeal. Reflecting the founders’ shared values
of quality, integrity and clarity of form, the brand’s research often encompass the principles of industrial design and modern art. T/SEHNE explores classic tailoring joint with a contemporary, technical elegance. The cut aims to feel familiar within the classic context yet intriguing and relevant to the wearer. Despite their reductional slant, the designs convey a considered richness in material, workmanship and detail.

Since 2017 the brand presents modern menswear collections designed to meet the needs of time and daily necessities; with clothing and people at its core. T/SEHNE’s first season has been stocked at Machine-A in London and L’Échoppe in Tokyo.