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ACCIDENTALL idea is to represent clothes in a contemporary aesthetic, drawing from art, street art and various kinds of artistic expression taking into consideration the current environment in which we live.
We aim to introduces an unconventional and appealing mixed gender collections to the fashion world, redefining established concepts and standards. Accidentall is ruling out the concept of season by providing collections that are in sync with the times we live in.

The state of mind has no gender. If the shapes are primarily male, nothing prevents the woman from wearing their clothes. In the same way, the brand does not recognize Itself in such categories as streetwear, luxury, or else. It is a mixture.

The designers push the idea of experimenting – hands to hands with the Craftsmen In the factories, through a continuous research and development. The creators develop their vision, through art and design, without limiting themselves to categories, and allowing themselves to be influenced by Parisian energy, more than ever creative.